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Medistar Vietnam – Success with partners

In order to meet the need of using health supplement products of customers; product quality shall come with origin. Understanding the important of this matter, Medistar Vietnam company limited has built a factory to produce health supplement complying with GMP and ISO 22000 standards, a cosmetic factory in lot 38-2, Quang Minh Industrial Zone - Me Linh - Hanoi

This factory is a strategic choice, because the industrial zone is just over 20km from Hanoi's city center, which is really convenient for transportation and trading with domestic and foreign customers. As a young business, Medistar Vietnam is always flexible about the business strategy to take opportunities for development. Listening to the needs of customers, along with the development orientation for the future, company has invested in a factory with full production lines:

Soft capsule line:  Softgel production line: This production line is imported from Korea, can produce different types of tablets with various shapes and sizes such as oblong 16, oval 10 ..... color is also extremely diversified and plentiful to meet customer requirements in terms of images. This is currently a product that consumers are interested in because of its beautiful forms and the convenience of use.

Film-coated tablet line: Throat lozenge and film-coated tablet production line: Besides throat lozenge type using the most natural herbs which are friendly with consumers, company also invested in film-coated tablet production line. With this dosage form, the product not only meets the requirements of containing a high rate of active ingredients, but also has a variety of colors, film coating is to protect the active ingredients during the preservation process. 

Lines of packing rice nuggets, microbiological cereals, powdered cereals: Granule, probiotics granule, powder production line: Always desire to be able to meet the diverse needs of the market, Medistar Vietnam has invested in automatic packing machine systems with the high capacity. Company also invested in a specific packing system for probiotics granule to prevent cross-contamination of the product.

Lines of syrup, solution, suspension, gel drink: Syrup, solution, suspension, oral gel: This is a product line with strict requirements for preparation and hygiene safety. With a modern and qualified mixing system, automatic filling and capping system, requires staff to be highly qualified and focused. Therefore, products always get the highest accuracy, stability and safety.

All equipment and machines are imported directly from developed countries to fully meet the strict standards of the region and the world. Properly complying with GMP and ISO 22000 standards, the entire manufacturing process in Medistar Vietnam is carried out extremely scientifically and constantly. The qualityof raw materials, primary packaging and secondary packaging are all checked before warehousing. All products when conducting the production, all have full production process and quality control department to supervise closely. Each stage of production is evaluated with the relevant criteria according to the production licence and assessed the stability of the product. In order to meet this requirement, Medistar Viet Nam has established a microbiological and chemical lab, with complete and modern equipment, most are imported from Europe and testers with many years of experience. More specifically, Medistar Vietnam is the leading professional manufacturer, absolute product security, focus only on manufacturing and ensuring the highest product quality to customers.  Moreover, all 100% of Medistar products in Vietnam, before being delivered to customers, will be tested at Medistar Lab and tested again at prestigious testing centers and standardized stores. This work reinforces the trust of customers for Medistar Vietnam.

With the target of "Customer satisfaction is the most accurate measure of the development of businesses", Medistar Vietnam with efforts to improve and listen to satisfy customers at the highest level. . With modern equipment, highly qualified personnel, Medistar Vietnam is committed to fully meet the requirements of partners who are in need to produce and process health supplement products domestically and internationally.

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